"A warm, relaxing place to have special one-on-one attention with the highest quality I have seen. And I am a local on South Beach. I have seen them all. (Debra, Miami)"

"Absolutely the best in Miami. We did a full body massage, facial massage and foot scrub. I did yoga for an hour prior. The energy work was off the charts. Last night in Miami and the best of the trip." - Shannon, Las Vegas

Where Heaven Meets Earth


Croydon Rose Spa & Apothecary has partnered with Etuni Massage to create a unique healing room inspired by the ocean water, herbal flower remedies and the elemental forces of nature. We are nestled on the 7th floor of a 1930’s restored boutique hotel in Miami Beach, called Hotel Croydon.

With large corner windows and two treatment rooms, it is a cozy oasis for travelers looking for a little more than just a hotel.

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