About Us, Healing with Elemental Forces of Nature

We are a healing room, nestled on the 7th floor of a 1930’s restored boutique hotel in Miami Beach, called Hotel Croydon.


With large corner windows and two treatment rooms, it is a cozy oasis for travelers looking for a little more than just a hotel. In 2018, Annette Figueredo, the owner of  Croydon Rose Spa & Apothecary, joined forces with a team of local therapists to create a holistic solution for everyday relaxation and healing services. Annette and her experienced team bring a wealth of experience to the massage and spa industry.


The healing room concept was co-created by the owners of the hotel and Annette, who partnered up with local healing practitioners. Hotel guests who stay overnight are sure to feel the peace and calm that has become the undercurrent of this establishment.