True Healing

Everything is designed around healing and meditation in this “Yoga Spa”.

Even the massage treatments start with specialized breath-work, immediately putting the body and mind at ease.Croydon_Hotel_28

The acupuncturist infuses her own healing meditations into her sessions, knowing that intention is everything. When the recipient is allowed to receive and the channels of the body are open, this is when true healing takes place.

The massage therapists regularly infuse their own auric fields with light, so that in turn they can be a source of light to everyone they touch.

Croydon_Hotel_49Various therapists are certified Harmonyum Practitioners, a unique energy healing system that is said to wash the possible effects of karma away while re-setting your perspective so that you can move forward in life where you might otherwise feel stuck and out of sorts.

Coming to Croydon Rose is like washing yourself under a shower of sunshine.

The therapies are focused on relieving stress and allowing your true nature to shine through. Who doesn’t need a little bit of unconditional support from time to time?

Croydon Rose was founded by Miami native Annette Figueredo and a special team of healers and colleagues. This team of practitioners has come together to offer to the public something that is not commonly found elsewhere. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself.