Ancient Healing Treatments with Shirodhara!

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90M Shankara Five Point Star Treatment with Shirodhara, $230

An amazing service for all five points of the body – hands, feet and head. Microcrystal Exfoliation scrub is used on the hands and arms, a manjhista foot mask is used on the feet and calves and a luxurious Hair and Scalp oil is used to massage the head and scalp. The service is topped off with Shirodhara, a luxurious treatment for the hair and scalp that stimulates the third eye chakra with a continuous stream of warm sesame oil, taking you away to a state of higher consciousness.  (Regular Price $285). 
DSCN0183Spa Getaway Package, Only $325 for Two People (90 Minutes)
90-minutes of pure bliss, your session includes a full-body massage, an Ayurvedic Facial (our signature service that brings the pores of your face closer to nature) and a Coconut Lime Foot Scrub. (Regular price $230 per person) The Shirodhara Add-On is a profoundly relaxing treatment that calms down the entire nervous system, and is the perfect add-on to the Getaway Package.  The oils used during this treatment are highly nourishing to the hair and scalp leaving your hair moisturized and drenched in nutrients. Luxurious silky hair and a calm balanced mind are the result of this amazing and highly specialized treatment. Shirodhara allows you to access the higher centers of consciousness, relieves stress and leaves you feeling clearer and more focused. Men and women alike love it.