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Magical Friday Happy Hour! 

Turn Every Friday into a Mini-Retreat!

Yours for only $25 or upgrade to $70 with a healing session!

Energy Flow Yoga, $19 
Brighten your inner light during this yoga class designed for inner harmony
and purification on all levels. Includes an opening meditation.
All Levels Welcomed. Free for Hotel Guests. 
Croydon “Tea Time” 
Enjoy complimentary herbal teas brewed by our resident healers
in a calming and healing environment.
Magical Happy Hour Healing Specials 
Enjoy your choice of 30-minute Reiki Sessions or Lotus Foot Baths.
Offered by appointment on first-come first-serve basis.
$45 per 30-minute session
Mantra Meditation & Naam Yoga Warmup Series
This 30-minute intro to mantra and meditation prepares you for the
work to be done during the following Naam Yoga class. May be taken as a
stand-alone class or taken together as a complete 90-minute sequence.
Free for Everyone
 12:30pm-1:30pm, $19 
Naam Yoga
Mantras, Mudras and Sacred Sound
to clear the energy field and attract positive energy.
Class Admission: $19
Register Here Magical Happy Hour $25
Yes, please sign me up for the whole morning which includes two yoga classes, meditation and complimentary herbal tea for only $25!
Register Here Magical Happy Hour Upgrade $70 
Includes all of the above plus my choice of a 30-minute Reiki Shaman energy clearing session or a 30-minute Lotus Foot Bath with foot scrub and massage.


Sunshine Flow Yoga


This class is a powerful blend of pranayama, lengthening movements and strengthening asanas. Challenging and gratifying for all levels. Class held on Rooftop weather permitting.

All Levels Welcomed.
Class Admission: $20 or complimentary for Croydon Hotel guests
Register Here



Sunday Morning Energy Cleanse

with Naam Yoga


Special 3-Week Healing Series starts April 10th! (See Below)
Invoke the power of visualization, chanting meditation
and sacred music to create positive vibrations designed to
awaken the self-healing capacities of the human body.
Each class includes breathwork, sound as a vehicle for healing,
sacred movement and mudras (hand symbols) to align our inner forces with universal healing energy. Good for all ages and for all fitness levels,including beginners. No prior experience with meditation needed.
3-Week Healing Series: 
Naam Yoga to Balance Your Doshas
Sunday April 10, 10am-11am
Sunday April 17, 10am-11am
Sunday April 24, 10am-11am
Naam Yoga & Ayurveda
This unique series applies the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the practice of Naam Yoga highlighting the intuitive and energetic flow found within nature and the human body. Learn about the qualities of the 5 elements found in everything (Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth) and how we can use precise Naam Yoga tools (mantras, meditations, mudras and movements) to achieve total balance, and gain a deeper understanding of how the 5 elements work.
Learn about your own doshas throughout this 3-week healing series, which combines ancient yogic tools with the balance of the 5 elements used in Ayurveda for achieving longevity. Allow the combination of Naam Yoga and Ayurveda to guide you in developing your own energetic practice for self-healing.



  Hotel Croydon
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