On the Corner of 38th & Collins, the hotel is located across the street from the ocean, at 3720 Collins Avenue. Croydon Rose is located on the penthouse floor of the Croydon hotel (7th Floor).

The hotel does not have designated parking, however there is metered street parking that can be found all around the hotel,  between Collins and Indian Creek, from 34th street through 39th street.

Pool on the ground floor.

Nearby lots and garages:

If you’re having a tough time finding a spot, head to one of these locations:

1) Parking Lot on 36th Street & Collins (more accessible during early evening hours, usually full during the day)

2) Garage on 43rd & Collins, near Soho House

3) Pine Tree and 41st Street, cross the 41st street bridge, across from Walgreen’s, look for metered parking by the banks.

4) 42nd Street Garage, Royal Palm Ave between 41st and 42nd Street.

This is a safe bet on weekends when you can’t find street parking close to the beach.