Bani’s Healing Circle Meditation, By Donation.

_BT10065The Banis is a beautiful prayer that clears depression, and gives you the ability to go to sleep happy and wake up happy. It makes you glow on the inside so you become even more beautiful than you already are, and assists you in merging with the Divine.

During this special Thursday night healing circle, we will focus on sending our healing energy to those in need. Come for yourself, or come with a loved one in mind. The power of vibration is very real. If you feel you need to heal something within yourself, even if you don’t know what it is, come with an open mind, and allow the circle of harmony to flow through you. At the very least, you’ll walk away feeling a little more joyful than you did when you walked in.

Please contact Annette if you’re interested in starting a Banis Healing Circle in your community: or text me at (305) 704-7448.