Discover the Secrets Within: A Guide to Kabbalistic Symbols, Jan 3-4, 2015

William Leamon“Discover the Treasures Within” led by William Leamon.

Have you ever wondered why we go through life with certain dreams, desires and aspirations, yet our reality does not match our intention?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be at ease in almost any situation, walk through life with grace, and draw positive circumstances at every turn? While others are filled with skepticism, negative outcomes and disappointments?

The answers can be found by unveiling some unseen laws that are present all around us and in everything we do, whether we believe in them or not, whether we are aware of their existence or not, and whether we wish to follow these unwritten rules, or not.

The fact is: the universe is mathematical, and there is structure, order and precise rhythms to everything that happens in life.

By applying universal time-tested principles taught in this workshop, you will learn how to decode your natural makeup, in order to draw out the light that will attract positive outcomes, while steering you away from those that may not be in your highest interest.

William so gingerly uncovers the tools that are available to unlock some of these unseen mysteries, so that we may begin to discover how to live with much more grace. The principles taught during these two days are priceless tools that we may learn to apply to our daily lives immediately.

This special 2-day workshop will also uncover:

7 Karmic Influences (the forces that influence you daily)
7 Chakras
7 Creative Planets (your psychological blueprint)
7 Pointed Star “Seal of Solomon”

Basic Numerology related to the primary numbers (0-9)

Many other symbols including the sacred meaning behind Star of David, the Pentagram and more.


In learning to work with the energies of the Astral Plane (which correlates with the number 7), you learn to nurture your thoughts with the Light of Wisdom to create the fruit (aka reality) that you deserve!
William is a Universal Kabbalist that is now in his 7th year of studying the teachings of Dr. Levry and teaches on the Universal Kabbalah team at Naam Yoga Los Angeles. He has previously taught this workshop in Mexico City, Los Cabos and Los Angeles. He will share his experience of these esoteric sciences in our new Croydon Rose healing space at the start of the year!
Treasures Within Workshop - William Leamon
Join us at Croydon Rose Spa & Apothecary for this special two-part workshop to be held on January 3rd & 4th:


WHAT: Discover the Treasures Within Thru Kabbalistic Symbols


WHEN: January 3rd & 4th, 2015
Saturday January 3rd: 3-6pm
Sunday January 4th: 2-5pm


 WHERE: Croydon Rose Spa & Apothecary
3720 Collins Avenue
7th Floor
Miami Beach, FL 33140
Ph: 305-704-7448
Annette’s Direct Cell: 941-735-1975


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REGISTRATION CLOSES: December 31, 2014