Marcoantonio has been a Licensed Massage therapist since 2001 and blends a variety of different Massage Modalities to deliver a deep yet relaxing massage that will leave you feeling blissed & rejuvenated. He has been trained in Vedic Thai, Ayurveda, is a Reiki Master and has created his own massage which he calls the Tree of Life massage which is based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which can be seen as the Blue Print of the Soul. Marcoantonio is passionate about the healing arts and dedicates all of his energy to expanding his skill set.

“I believe Marcoantonio to be very humble and intuitive, and someone who takes his healing work seriously and wholeheartedly. He asked me what I was looking for and he checked in with me during the session. I’ve tried many massage therapists who I’ve walked out of feeling bruised and tired. But when you walk out of a massage session feeling better than when you came in, you know you’ve had your time well spent.” Lisa Lior Segal
“I had pain and lost some mobility in my neck due to an injury. Marcoantonio noticed I wasn’t turning my head and suggested I come in to see him for a massage. I was so glad I did. He really took the time to listen, and applied his holistic approach sensitive to my needs as an individual, adding healing techniques that go beyond the usual massage. I am most grateful as I soon regained mobility in my neck, painfree, and found myself leaving our session calm, balanced, and stress free as well. He truly loves people and is dedicated to healing, and sharing his gifts of wellness to the world.” “So Blessed and Appreciative” – Joanne Giordano Seniza
“I’m a massage guru and very careful when it come to massages. I loved Marcoantonio’s massage very effective and healing. You can actually feel his commitment to your well being. I highly recommend:)”- Carmen Garzon Cordero
“Thank you so much for the amazing massage!!! I highly recommend Marcoantonio for anyone wanting a truly rejuvenating and relaxing experience.” :-Michelle Alva
I received one of the best Christmas gifts ever! A massage from my friend Marcoantonio. An amazing experience, relaxation, massage smudging with sage,an innovative way to blend massage therapy, the senses and spirituality. If you want to give a great, unforgettable gift, give one of Jack’s massages! -Maria Claudia Manzanares
“Marcoantonio is an amazing massage artist,I have been blessed to be touched by his healing hands. As I received his hypnotic massage I fell in a state of conscious bliss . His hands will dissolve any blockages obstructing your path towards harmony of being.”Sincerely -Angie Gonzalez
I have been a client of Marcoantonio’s for a few years, using his services for both personal massage and for parties. Marcoantonio’s holistic view of health and technical expertise make him a standout massage therapist. He is reliabe, available, truly cares and takes pride in his work. I would recommend this massage therapist to anyone.- Elizabeth Lee