Maria Manzanares “Dr. Maria”

Dr Maria is a Naam Yoga Therapies instructor, a Harmonyum Practitioner, and gives Akashic Records Readings.

As a Holistic Medical Doctor, Dr. Maria started her medical career as a radiologist. Maria has traveled and studied extensively around the world to offer the best complementary healing modalities of today. Her ultimate goal is to boost the extraordinary healing capacities inherent in all human beings and to provide healing of the mind, body and spirit.

As an MD and gifted spiritual seeker, Maria’s classes are unique and refreshing, with each reflecting a beautiful alchemy of practical medical application and her personal experiences with breath, movement and meditation.  

The message that she delivers from an open heart is pure Love and Joy. Maria likes to have fun in class, while inspiring and encouraging her students of all experience levels to move their body in accordance with their individual rhythms, and best of all, to enjoy.  In Maria’s classes, it’s easy to let go of whatever you came in with and embrace your true you!

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