Fitness & Foolishness Miami Retreat: Jan 30-Aug 1, 2015

pilates retreat 3 This retreat is led by two savvy industry leaders: Nicole Sweet & Marisa Thrasher! Nicole was rated top 20 pilates instructors of NYC by Rate Your Burn, and Marisa’s love for tropical retreats co-created the magic that is Fitness & Foolishness, a traveling pilates retreat for fun-filled destinations!

As the first retreat of 2015, Sweet & Thrasher chose the beautiful Croydon Hotel in Miami Beach, after a chance visit to their 7th floor healing room, so elegantly called Croydon Rose Spa & Apothecary. Instantly feeling at home, Nicole and Marisa knew they had to come back and hold a retreat here.

They have put together a wonderful itinerary to enjoy the best Miami has to offer, with its beautiful scenery composed of blue skies, ocean water, lush banyan tree greenery and happy faces all around.

pilates 4Join us this January 2015 – burn off your Holiday Calories while having lots of FUN doing it!


Open for locals, options available with and without hotel accommodations.



Pricing options and full itinerary coming soon.

For additional information, please call Annette at (941) 735-1975.