Wine & Wisdom – First Mondays of Each Month! December 1st


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Learn universal force wisdom with Eugene Gant. The natural laws that govern the world we live in. 90% of our outcomes is based on the 10% that is unseen. Yet most of us make our every day decisions based on the 90% that we see, rather than the unseen 10% which is what actually creates and manifests in this world. Did you ever wonder why you can plan and work so hard yet things still don’t turn out the way you expected? That’s because there is a lot more going on beneath the surface than we would ever imagine.

This series is an introduction to unraveling the mysteries of life, so that we may begin to learn about true wisdom that has always been around since the beginning of time. These natural laws have been gathered and manifested in the form of various groups and organized religions throughout the ages. The teachings that will be imparted during this series are fundamental universal principles that are non-denominational. They may be taught in context with current day religious thought and belief for contextual understanding. The more we learn divine spiritual wisdom, the more we realize that no one organization, religion or group can have ownership of that which is and will always be. Come with an open heart to receive light and the blessings of new information.


WHAT: Wine & Wisdom Lecture Series

WHEN: First Mondays of Each Month, Starting December 1st!


WHERE: Hotel Croydon Rooftop

3720 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33140


Includes one glass of wine or freshly squeezed juice.

Each additional drink: only $5

Holistic Dinner Menu Available Upon Request, The Tavern Restaurant